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Repair Damaged Teeth with Reading Restorative Dentistry

Reading restorative dentistry man smiling Repairing damaged teeth is essential to keep patients’ smiles healthy. At Associates in Family Dentistry, we work hard to help patients keep their smiles healthy, but when damage and decay does occur, we offer a number of smile repair solutions from the most conservative tooth-colored fillings to advanced tooth replacement solutions. As soon as you experience dental damage, decay, or pain, contact our Reading, MA team right away to schedule an appointment with us. We’ll partner with you to create a restoration plan to fully renew your oral health.

Dental Crowns & Bridges

Smiling woman in dental chair Crowns and bridges are some of the most frequently used restoration solutions. Crafted from a variety of durable materials, crowns and bridges can be used to repair dental damage and decay and replace one or more consecutive missing teeth. We can also use dental crowns to correct purely cosmetic dental flaws.

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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Man with straight teeth in dental chair Traditionally, patients with minor decay or damage were given a silver-colored amalgam filling. These filling materials offer a durable restoration option, but they impact the cosmetic appearance of the smile. For these reasons and others, most dental offices have shifted to using tooth-colored, composite resin filling materials almost exclusively. Composite resin is a material that can be shaded to closely match the natural tooth colors, and it has a putty-like consistency. We can apply the tooth-colored resin directly to the surfaces of teeth, shape it into position, and harden it with a curing light. This quick, comfortable, conservative treatment can be used to repair dental damage and decay as well as concealing minor cosmetic flaws in a treatment known as direct bonding.

Dentures & Partials

Hands holding a full denture Patients who are missing numerous teeth or a full row of teeth may need to consider partial or full dentures. Partials fill the gaps in smiles and full dentures can restore an entire arch of teeth. Both types of denture are composed using a gum-colored base to support replacement teeth. The base of the partial fits snuggly between teeth, and the prosthetic is held into position with metal clasps attached to remaining healthy teeth. A full denture cannot be anchored to other teeth, so the base is formed to fit against the gum line. Natural suction holds these partials in place.