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Is Charcoal Safe for Teeth Whitening?

August 18, 2020

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Woman brushing her teeth with charcoal

Between much-loved movie stars and new-aged social media personalities, influencers from all industries are known for their jaw-dropping, camera-ready smiles. While these celebrities have access to the latest and greatest that dentistry has to offer, many people try to achieve the same results at a fraction of the cost using ingredients like charcoal. However, few stop to think about whether it is actually safe to use on their teeth. Read on to learn whether you should use charcoal, the risks involved, and why you should use professional teeth whitening in Reading instead.


So, Is Charcoal Safe for Teeth Whitening?

According to the American Dental Association, the answer is a resounding no. While activated charcoal can effectively stop certain forms of poison from entering the bloodstream and counteract drug overdoses, no research backs the benefit of charcoal for your teeth. In fact, using products that have not been rigorously tested and approved by the ADA could lead to negative side effects that wreak havoc on your teeth.

3 Risks of Using Charcoal on Your Teeth

  • Enamel erosion – While social media influencers promote the effectiveness of using charcoal, experts at the ADA strongly advise against it due to its abrasive nature. In fact, patients who use non-approved charcoal powders and toothpaste can experience enamel erosion and tooth discoloration.
  • It leaves your teeth vulnerable to tooth decay – Fluoride is a powerful ingredient that strengthens your teeth and prevents tooth decay from forming. Since most charcoal products don’t contain fluoride, they can leave your teeth vulnerable to cavities.
  • Some charcoal products contain lead – According to the Journal of the American Dental Association, many charcoal-based brands make false claims regarding their clinical safety and effectiveness. Plus, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has warned customers about bentonite clay, which can be found in charcoal products. Unfortunately, this can lead to consumers unintentionally ingesting lead, which is dangerous.

What to Do If You Want a Whiter Smile

If stubborn stains and discoloration have you feeling insecure about your smile, then it is time to speak with your dentist about professional teeth whitening. Whether you opt for an in-office or at-home treatment, the custom trays, powerful brightening gel, and special LED light can lighten your smile up to eight shades in one visit! Plus, brightening treatments that are conducted by your dentist are ADA-approved, designed to whiten your enamel without harming it, and consider your overall oral health. So, if you are looking to upgrade your smile, opting for a tested, safe procedure is the way to go!

About the Author

After obtaining her undergraduate degree from Brandeis University, Dr. Gail Iebba earned her doctorate at the Boston University School of Graduate Dentistry. Today, she uses her three decades of experience and genuine passion for dentistry to help her patients achieve beautiful, healthy smiles. If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist in Reading that offers in-office and take-home teeth whitening options, then visit her website or give her a call at 781-944-6761.

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December 20, 2019

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July 26, 2019

Filed under: Uncategorized — associatesinfamilydentistryinc @ 8:09 pm

woman smiling with perfect teeth

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May 21, 2019

Filed under: Uncategorized — associatesinfamilydentistryinc @ 2:05 pm

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