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5 Oral Health Tips to Avoid Dental Emergencies Over The Holidays

December 20, 2019

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parent helping their child open a presentJust when you thought you could relax and enjoy all the holiday activities you organized, you start experiencing a severe toothache. Would you know what to do? Dental emergencies typically happen at the least convenient moments, making them stressful to deal with. Instead of letting oral pain and discomfort ruin your family holiday get-together, read on for five oral health tips from your emergency dentist in Reading to avoid a stressful situation.

Stay On Top of Your Dental Hygiene Routine

Having family visit for the holidays can be stressful and chaotic. Because you’ll be working towards completing a long to-do list, it’ll be easy for your daily routine to change, and that includes your morning and nightly dental hygiene. Being so busy can cause you to forget to brush or floss your teeth, leaving plaque below your gumline, allowing it to harden into tartar that can’t be removed with a toothbrush. If you easily get caught-up in your daily to-do list, be sure to set a reminder on your phone to help you remember to brush and floss.

Ease-Up On Sticky and Chewy Sweets

When your family starts arriving, they’re sure to bring their specialty homemade holiday treats that they make every year. If they’re sticky and chewy, your water and saliva won’t be able to wash the sugar away as easily, leaving it plastered onto your teeth for longer. This can increase your risk of developing cavities that turn into tooth sensitivity or toothaches. Just be sure to brush after you eat these treats and try not to excessively consume them throughout the day.

Manage Your Stress

The holidays can be stressful, and if your anxiety and worry isn’t managed well, it can cause you to develop harmful habits for your oral health like teeth grinding and nail-biting. If you get overwhelmed at any point, be sure to step away from the situation and take time for yourself. These habits can increase your risk of breaking a tooth. Plus, nail-biting can introduce germs to your mouth that can cause uncomfortable infections.

Visit Your Dentist

The best way to start off your holiday season is with a clean bill of health from your dentist in Reading. A checkup and cleaning will ensure that if you have any lingering oral health problems, they’ll be treated before they can cause your pain and ruin you holiday celebrations.

Use Scissors Instead of Your Teeth

It can be tempting to show your enthusiasm and excitement by ripping open a present or packaging with your teeth. However, that can be a costly display of holiday spirit when you damage a tooth. Instead of using your teeth as tools, keep a pair of scissors in your living room while you open up presents under the tree. That way, they’re readily available if you need them and you won’t be tempted to use your teeth.

With these five preventive tips for the holidays, you can reduce your risk of damaging a tooth that can leave you celebrating with your emergency dentist instead of your family. Because these situations aren’t completely avoidable, be sure to have their phone number on hand just in case. They can guide you through first-aid guidance, schedule you an urgent appointment, and provide you with the treatment you need before your celebrations begin.

About the Author

Dr. Gail Iebba has been in dentistry for over 32 years. She is passionate about providing her patients with high-quality preventive and emergency care to help ease their pain and restore their smiles. As a member of the American Dental Association and Massachusetts Dental Society, she stays up-to-date with the latest advancements in her field so she can achieve the best treatment results. For questions or to schedule an emergency dental appointment, visit Associates in Family Dentistry’s website or call 781-944-6761.

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