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5 Things to Consider Before Getting Teeth Whitening in Reading

July 26, 2019

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After years of drinking coffee and red wine, your pearly whites aren’t so white anymore. You’re ashamed to smile in pictures these days. It sounds like it’s about time you tried teeth whitening in Reading. Whitening can restore your self-confidence, but it’s not for everyone. Let’s look at 5 things you need to consider before getting your teeth whitened.

1. Your Teeth May Be Sensitive

If you already have sensitive teeth, you may need to get them treated before you seek whitening. Your dentist may prescribe toothpaste or gel for sensitivity. Even people who normally don’t have sensitive teeth may experience brief periods of pain when exposed to extreme heat or cold. This should be only temporary, though.

2. Treat Other Dental Problems First

Whitening may not be for everybody, especially if you have tooth decay or gum disease. Your oral health is more important than how your teeth look. Be sure to get your gums healed and your cavities filled before getting your teeth whitened. Otherwise, the gel could aggravate those problems.

3. Whitening Only Works on Natural Teeth

Fillings, crowns, and dead teeth will not be affected by teeth whitening. Although, if you are getting a filling, you can request a tooth-colored one and have your dentist shade it to be really bright. Any dental work you have will stay the same color.

4. Whitening Won’t Last Forever

Teeth whitening is not designed to last for the rest of your life. The amount of time it lasts depends on several things, including genetics, oral hygiene, and general lifestyle. For example, if you consume a lot of foods and beverages that stain teeth, like coffee or blueberries, your teeth will darken quickly.

5. Professional Teeth Whitening Works Much Better Than Over-the-Counter Kits

It can be tempting to buy the cheap whitening kits from the drugstore, but the truth is they often don’t provide the results you want. If they do, they take much longer because they don’t have as strong a bleaching element as the kits that dentists have. Your cosmetic dentist in Reading offers both take-home and in-office whitening treatments, so you can see results either in the comfort of your own home, or within about an hour at the office. You’ll actually be happy with the results!

Teeth whitening may not be perfect for everyone, but if you get professional treatment, it can give you a smile you can be proud of. Contact your cosmetic dentist today to get started on your journey to a more confident smile!

About the Author

Dr. Gail Iebba has spent 32 years in the dentistry field, 20 of which have been at Associates in Family Dentistry in Reading, MA. She is a member of the American Dental Association and the Massachusetts Dental Society. She offers both in-office and at-home whitening treatment to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. To learn more, contact her at (781)-944-6761.

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